The glamour and romance of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, has always fascinated me - the elegant interiors, the dames in the old black-and-white movies dressed in their stylish finery, whether in suits with matching bags and fabulous hats, or satin gowns and slippers with fur pompoms and feathers, lounging in their luxe boudoirs waiting for their dapper men, dressed in double-breasted suits or tuxedos, to burst through the door, scoop them up in their arms and profess their love.



My grandmother was a dancer in Vaudeville.  She was nicknamed "Pepita", or "Pee Wee" as she was the smallest  of the troupe - a mere 4"10. Although she seldom spoke about those times, the élan of the old days passed down to me nevertheless.

Learning to tap dance as a child brought me a feeling of pure joy, losing myself in the happy music of days past,  and imagining that I was Ginger Rogers missing her Fred.

Just like that dance, my designs transport me to those times. The modern world fades away when I find an image that inspires my imagination, and as I dress the stage, I bring life to those grand images of the past.


Old Hollywood

Whether designing  One Of A Kind  Decoupage Trays, Mosaics, made from vintage plates, or Wall Hangings with figurines and mementoes, the process is the same. For me the past becomes the present and fills me with that same child-like joy. 

I hope they bring you joy as well.

Claudia Gill