When I lived in Los Angeles a friend of a friend - who knew that I was a mosaic artist - asked if I could make her a wall hanging. Of course I said yes, having no idea what I was getting myself into. I went to her apartment where she gave me a lobster pot filled with her grandmothers broken plates and figurines that she had kept after the last earthquake and couldn't part with. Then she went around her living room handing me mementos from all her wonderful travels. Lastly she picked up a clay sculpture that she'd made in Kindergarten.  I  had my work cut out for me.

Much of my work I figure out as I go, and the results always amaze me. When the finished piece was hung on her wall, she burst into tears of delight. "It's as if you've known me all my life."

I have been creating these pieces ever since.

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Tea Party w/ Vintage Plates, Wall Hanging  7x10 $425

Asian Dolls, w/Vintage Figurines & Plates  Wall Hanging 15x18 $1200


Me Soo Happii w/ Vintage Figurine & Plates  Wall Hanging  $1800


Asian Menagerie w/ Vintage Figurines   Wall Hanging  22x24  $2000

Tea Time w/ Vintage Teacups, Saucers & Plates  Wall Hanging  17X 18  $2000

Faith w/ Vintage Figurines & Plates   Wall Hanging  20x22  $2000


Childhood Dreams w/ Vintage Figurines  Wall Hanging   19x22  $1800