The One Of A Kind trays feature vintage photographic images of Cities such as New York and Paris, iconic buildings, lavish interiors, and the Grand Dames of the golden age of Hollywood. Hand applied crystals are added to create sparkle and glamour.

They are vintage from the 1950’s, and are topped with three layers of a high gloss finish to make smooth and waterproof. Because they are handcrafted using vintage elements, they may have some small imperfections or as I like to say "Perfectly Imperfect".

Use for serving hors d’oeuvres, afternoon tea, perfume display or as a beautiful addition to any interior. Makes great wedding and housewarming gifts!

Commissions available to make a tray using family photos, your pet or your favorite pinup.

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Stairway to Heaven  8x12

Boudoir Glamour 8x12  

Interior Moment  11x17 

Chinoiserie Interior 8x12 

Shall We Dance 8x12 

Painted Ladies 7x11  

Interior Glamour 11x17 

Broadway Baby 10x15 

London Calling  10x16   

Chi Town  12x18  

New York Dames  9x14 

Queen E  12 x18 

Hollywood Beginnings 13x19  

Hollywood Romance 12x8 

Ain't love Grand 10x16

Backless Jewel  9x13

Hollywood Gems 8 x14 


Hollywood Dames 9x15  

Mad Hatters 11x17  


Hands On 10x16

Beach Blanket Bingo  9x13  


Enchanted Garden 8x14 


Buddha-ful Garden 11X17 

Magical Garden 11X17 

Dali-esque 13x19  

Patchwork Dames 14x20   

Fantasy Island  10x16